Tan Sand Polyform Boat Fender G3 Bumper 5.5'' x 19'' Twin Eye Premium Made in USA

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Tan Sand Polyform G3 Boat Fender 5.5'' x 19'' 

  • Size - 5.5'' x 19''
  • Even wall thickness for maximum strength
  • Premium Marine Vinyl
  • Soft Design
  • Designed for use by trailered boats and permanent protected moorings
  • Non- Abrasive
  • Can be Tied to Cleats or Rails
  • Twin Eye - Reinforced Rope Holes on both ends
  • Can be hung Vertical or Horizontal
  • Pre- Inflated and Ready to Use
  • Unique Polyform valve for years of service
  • Inflation adapter included 
  • Ribbed on all sides for Strength and Durability
  • UV Resistant
  • Made in USA


What Size Fender Do I Need? Many factors should be considered when determining what size fender to use. Following is the recommended size for fenders by Boat Length:

· 4’’ x 16’’ Boats up to 10 foot

· 5’’ x 20’’ Boats up to 20 foot

· 6’’ x 22’’ Boats up to 25 foot

· 8’’ x 27’’ Boats up to 30 foot

If you moor frequently in High winds, Rough water, and Unprotected Moorings, or if you have a large High Profile boat you may want to consider using one size larger.

How are these fenders constructed? Most of the fenders we carry are single wall construction. If a fender is constructed differently, it will be stated in the listing

Do these fenders come inflated? Yes, all of the fenders we sell are shipped inflated. You may wish to adjust the final pressure when you receive them

Can the Pressure be Adjusted? Yes, all of the fenders we sell have inflation ports on them. Please see each item description for specific instructions on inflation

Are these Fenders Guaranteed? When used under recommended conditions the Polyform Fenders are covered by the manufacturer under warranty to be free from defects for the life of the product. All Boater Sports Fenders are covered by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee through us.


Are these Fenders Made In America? All ''Polyform'' brand Fenders are Made in the USA. All ''Boater Sports'' brand Fenders are imported.

Will the Fenders Scuff my Boat? No, when used properly on a boat with Gel Coat in good condition the fenders will not leave any marks

Why is Shipping so Expensive? We only charge actual UPS shipping cost and do not profit from shipping. Unfortunately, due to the size of some Fenders shipping can be expensive. We always combine shipping on items when possible.


Important Note: These answers should be used as general guidelines only and should not be substituted for Professional Advice. We have no way of foreseeing every condition these Fenders may be used in. If you are not confident in which Fenders you require, we recommend contacting your boat’s manufacturer or local authorities to get information on any specific conditions unique to your application. All item images and item descriptions are property of Polyform and Underwoods Auto & Marine, LLC, respectively, and are not to be used, copied, or otherwise reproduced without written permission.