Boat Anchor Danforth Style For Boats 17' - 24' Deluxe 8 lbs. Tie-Down 8#

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 Deluxe Danforth Style Anchor

 This anchor is designed for boats 17 - 24 feet in length

  • Quick Penetration
  • Excelent Holding Power
  • Danforth Style Design
  • Excellent Value
  • Recommended for Boats 17' - 24' in Length (always use one size larger for storm anchors)
  • Galvanized Finish
  • Made in USA

Dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 22 1/2 inches,
  • Width: 18 inches,
  • Length of Flukes: 11 3/4 inches,
  • Weight: 8 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions: Anchoring


What size anchor do I need? The recommended boat size for each anchor is listed above. Anchors are tested under ''Average Conditions''. If you frequently anchor in High Winds / Stormy conditions, Rough water / Swift Current, Poor Bottom conditions, or if you have a High Profile boat we recommend using an anchor one size larger.


This anchor looks small for my boat and isn't very heavy?Danforth style anchors get their holding power from mechanical design. Therefore, it is not necessary for the anchor to be excessively large or heavy to work.


Do I need to use an Anchor Chain with this Anchor? It Is necessary to use an anchor chain with Danforth style anchors. The length of chain helps the anchor set by holding the anchor stock down. If used without a chain, Danforth anchors may not set correctly.

It is not necessary to use a chain with Chene Style Anchors. Navy style, Mushroom, River, and Richter anchors may benefit from the use of anchor chain but will also work without.


How much Anchor Line do I need? A Ratio of 5:1 is considered to be the minimum scope for most anchors. This means that for every foot of water depth, 5 feet of line is required. For example: to anchor in 30 feet of water, 150 feet of line is required. This is a important aspect of anchoring to remember. If the anchor line is too short the anchor may fail to set or break free easily. The Chene and Richter anchors we carry are exempt from this requirement


What style of anchor is best for my boat? The style of anchor used is as much personal preference as it is science. Each anchor on the market has advantages and disadvantages.Please see each item description for specific advantages to each anchor design and recommended anchoring conditions.


Should I use a Solid Stock or Slip Ring Design? If you have decided to use a Danforth Style anchor then you need to decide if you want a Solid Stock or Slip Ring design. The anchors holding power will be the same for both designs. A Solid Stock anchor will be slightly less susceptible to damage due to its solid steel stock. The Slip Ring style offers easier retrievalwhen used in rocks and other easy snag bottom conditions


Is this anchor protected against corrosion? Yes, All of the anchors we sell are protected against corrosion. Each manufacturer uses different types of coatings so please see each item description for the type of coating used.


Is this anchor made in the USA? We strive to carry as many American Made Products as possible and many of our anchors are made in the USA. Every item that is made in America will display '' Proudly Made in the USA'' in the item description


Why is the shipping cost so high? We only charge actual UPS shipping cost and do not profit from shipping. Unfortunately, due to the size and weight of some anchors shipping can be expensive. We always combine shipping on items when possible.



Important Note: These answers should be used as general guidelines only and should not be substituted for Professional Advice. We have no way of foreseeing every condition these anchors may be used in. If you are not confident in which anchor you require, we recommend contacting your boat's manufacturer or local authorities to get information on any specific conditions unique to your application. All item images and item descriptions on this listing are property of Underwoods Auto & Marine LLC and are not to be used, copied, or otherwise reproduced without written permission. The Term ''Danforth'' is property of Tie Down Engineering. The Term ''Richter'' and the Richter Design are property of Greenfield Products Inc.